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Maui, Hawaii, USA

About me

Batel Shimi was born in Israel, and traveled half-way around the world to the Island of Maui where she could truly enjoy the beauty of nature.
She started her professional career over 18 years ago as an underwater photographer with 35mm film camera, where she found a true connection to the ocean.
Shortly after, she had the opportunity to photograph with some of the most popular extreme water-sport professionals, and showcasing the greatest athletes in the world, as well as worked with many prestigious, local and international companies.        
Her work includes co-producing an award-winning documentary about the infamous Hawaiian beach, Makena Landing, on Maui. 
In 2011 she was recognized for her work by winning the worldwide XXL Billabong Biggest Wave Award Photo, two years in a-row.
Since 2015, besides being a busy mom for her son, she enjoys working with people to capture their special moments, and create photos that worth more than thousand words. 



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