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Sedona, Arizona, USA

About me

Through a lifetime of travel and being involved in the arts; my many years as a professional dancer, model, and actress, I have developed a unique way of looking at the world. It's not a trite observation, yet a well-refined pallet of what it is that works for me through my lens, as opposed to what simply doesn't. I have but a mere second to capture a moment in time; a moment that infuses excitement or wonder into the imagination of those in gaze. A moment that brings forth the beauty that lives in all people. A moment to showcase the personality of an individual. This is where (for me) I draw the line between what's real in the world, and what is superficial; a line in which I am not comfortable in straddling, ever. Its a place I enter, where I see the world from my hearts perspective. A place where the intellectual process lessens and the creative energy begins to emerge. Moving within the creative flow of life helps to bring forth inspiration which is easy to see with fresh eyes. Then everything becomes an artists pallet, from the way the light falls on the landscape, creating light rays or shadows, to the myriad of colors that emerge from a sunset. The beauty of the natural landscape that nature provides, noticing textures and designs within earth structures that create natural backdrops. Capturing the love and emotion between two people. Capturing the joy and laughter that emerges within in a session. I take pictures. I capture memories. Whether the memories are of products, places, or a moments in time, I want to make the most of the opportunity, to create art that gets noticed.
I have always considered myself a photographer and an artist. Along the way, I discovered a passion for working with people. I discovered a way to notice, what we are all part of. I discovered how to notice a unique personality, joy, love and laughter of each person or animal I photograph. Sedona allows me the best opportunity to capture a portrait session in a stunning landscape. This is every photographers dream. To be able to be somewhere so beautiful and create a memory out of it. To be out on a red rock structure, then look out into a valley of even more rock structures, while the colors in the sky change. Then to be able to turn around and see the expression on a clients face, and capture it. Its so amazing that sometimes I get caught up in it all.
I attended a 2 year photography program at Pierce college in Woodland Hills California. Then I went on to work for a few different photography companies. I was a lead photographer for a design firm in Los Angeles. During this time I was also running and operating my own business. I continue to educate myself through creative live courses. There is always something new to learn in this field. I feel grateful.


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