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Cancun, Mexico

About me

Hello, my name is Lula. I'm 27 and from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I studied photography. I've been taking pictures since I was 15. In 2019 I had the opportunity to work in Costa Rica at the Riu Resorts taking family pictures and couples. That place was my photography experience school. In 2020, I went back to Argentina because of the pandemic, and in 2021 I moved to Playa del Carmen/Cancun area. Right now, I'm expanding my horizons of work doing what I really want to do with my own time.

What I've learned in these years is the importance of connecting with people; making a friendship with customers, at least short, is the key to having a good result in the pictures. It doesn't matter if you're shy; working with me, you will feel the vibes with your couple and family. It's a special moment that you will remember for having good memories about the place you are or the reason you want to take pictures and the time with your photographer. Let's meet each other and work together!


English, Spanish

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