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Kyoto, Japan

About me

Hi, I'm SATOSHI, a photographer based on Osaka and Kyoto.
I was born in Osaka, and grew up in Kyoto. I lived in each city for about 10 years.
I learned English in Los Angels when I was university student, and had really nice experiences thanks to my friends in US out there.
So after I was back to Japan, I felt like "IT'S MY TURN" to help the foreign tourists have a great memory in Japan with my photography work.
I've been dedicating for the photography work for the foreign tourists since 2016, and I've already met more than 2000 guests!!
Actually I didn't go to any school for the photography. I've always learned from my experiences with that of 2000 guests. I have full of knowledge about my city, where is the hidden and non-crowded spot, what time is the best for the lighting, when is the best for seasonal scenery such like Cherry Blossoms, Maple Leaves.
So please trust me for the beautiful photography.

My passion is making a new relationship with foreign people, and seeing their happy smile.
I love Japan, and love to help you make nice memory in Japan with my full of OMOTENASHI (Hospitality) spirits.
I'm looking forward to see you and make you happy by my photography.


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