• Monica


Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

About me

There are two things that drive my creativity. Human connection and experiencing the natural world. These factors continually inspire me to combine the grandeur of the Arizona landscapes with your intimate relationships. My favorite thing about being a photographer is that it has taught me to see beauty in everything. It’s your life that is truly beautiful; my photography simply allows you to share it with the world.

I always circle back to one thing – the golden rule. I treat you the way I would want to be treated as a client. The respect is mutual. I believe in being a transparent business owner and providing you with much more than just a service – I provide a memorable experience.

Serving as a your photographic guide, I assist in planning your photography session without the stress. Providing you with useful resources to select a perfect location, plan the best outfits, and share your images freely. It’s your story. Let’s capture it together.


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