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The capital of Greece, Athens is a destination renowned for its heroes and myths, and is perfect whether you’re searching out ancient civilizations or a modern getaway!

The birthplace of democracy, Athens is a wondrous city made up of both marble pillars and street art, epic sunsets and a vibrant nightlife, flea markets and boutique shopping. A vivid blue sky reflecting the colors of the Aegean Sea hangs over it and Mount Lycabettus, the highest point in the city, offers a stunning vantage point.

The Parthenon atop Acropolis Hill naturally draws all eyes and visitors. Visit early in the morning to avoid crowds or during the last hours of the day for dramatic lighting. Those wanting to immerse themselves further in the ancient roots of the city should spend time exploring its many museums, including the New Acropolis Museum and National Archaeological Museum.

The city itself is punctuated by vibrant town squares, buzzing marketplaces and countless ancient landmarks. Sip Greek coffee in Syntagma Square while watching the colorful Evzone Guards outside the Old Royal Palace, wander narrow cobblestone streets and dine in a family run taverna in Plaka, and dance until dawn in Psiri.

Book one of our local Athens photographers then strap on your modern sandals to explore all the ages of this legendary city!


Athens, Greece

I am Kostas, a 42 years old photographer based in Athens, Greece. It is an exciting city, full of history, good food and vibrant nightlife. Moreover,


Athens, Greece

Kalimera! My name is Petros and I was born and raised in Germany. My family is my inspiration and motivation in every aspect of my life. Being a fa


Athens, Greece

My name is George and I am a photographer, based in Greece loving to travel where there are people who trust me to transform their moments and feeling


Athens, Greece

I am Konstantinos Skourtis, an Athenian photographer. Born and bred 45 years in this city, I have grown to love it for what it is and its diversity. I


Athens, Greece

My name is Jakob, or Iakovos in Greek, and I am a photographer based in Athens Greece, I became a photographer because I like to create, create moment