Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are your social distancing practices due to coronavirus (COVID-19)?
  • We encourage our photographers to use masks at all times, avoid physical contact, and follow the CDC’s health recommendations.
    We offer 'contactless' or 'no-contact photoshoots' as part of our social distancing initiative. This means no physical contact or handshakes, and maintaining a 6ft+ recommended distance.
  • Does social distancing affect the photoshoot experience or quality of the photos?
  • Not at all! Our photoshoots are about the human-to-human connection between client and photographer. Our professional photographers are equipped with the best photography gear in the industry to assure quality photos regardless of social distancing.
  • How many days in advance should I book my photoshoot?
  • We suggest bookings are done at least one week in advance to ensure your preferred time, date, and photographer. Last-minute bookings can be made up to 48 hours prior to the photoshoot day.
  • How many people can be part of my photoshoot?
  • The number of people allowed per package varies in each category. You can explore the possibilities here.
  • Can I choose the photographer and view their portfolio?
  • Absolutely! You can browse the photographers’ portfolios and select your favorite. Not sure who to choose? Email us. We can pair you with the best photographer for your needs and who is available for your desired date(s).
  • What happens if photographers or photoshoots are not allowed in the venue/location I want?
  • If you hope to have your photoshoot at a specific location (i.e. hotel, resort, museum, historical site) it is your responsibility to insure the location permits external vendors/photographers and to pay any associated fees. Please research this before booking. Refunds will not be issued if you discover after booking that a location does not permit external vendors. However, in these situations, our photographers will offer alternate photoshoot locations that will work for your photography needs.
  • Will Angle ask for permission to share my photos on your website and/or social media?
  • We respect your privacy and will never share your photos on our blog or social media without your permission! If you prefer to keep your photos private, that’s totally fine – opt-out during the checkout process. As a bonus, if you review your experience with us, we offer one complimentary photo 😉
  • Can I redeem multiple coupons and promo codes on one order?
  • Only one coupon may be applied to each transaction and cannot be combined with other coupons.
  • What’s the status of my order after paying?
  • After your payment is processed you can chat immediately with your photographer in the platform to coordinate photoshoot details including meeting time, place, details and inspiration.
  • Will I be able to contact or chat with my photographer?
  • Yes, once you place your order you can visit your dashboard, go to the booking and chat with your photographer.
  • Where do I meet my photographer?
  • You can choose the location where you meet your photographer; for example, a coffee shop, your place of business, your hotel lobby or directly at the place of your shoot. If you are not familiar with the area where your photoshoot is being held, ask your photographer to suggest the best place to meet!
  • Can my photographer help/suggest the best photo spots?
  • Of course! Your photographer can suggest the best places according to your style, goals, and what you want us to capture.
  • What happens if my photographer is unavailable?
  • If your photographer is not available we have various solutions:
    • We can change the shoot time or date, we can assign the shoot to a photographer who is available, we can move the city to another location.
    • We can save your booking for a future occasion, and/or we can issue you a full refund.
    Whatever your preferred option is, we are here to help and make your experience seamless.
  • Can I reschedule my photoshoot?
  • If you need to reschedule your photo session, go to your dashboard in the ‘Bookings’ tab, select the booking and click on the ‘reschedule’ button. Our rescheduling policy is as follows:  
    • If you reschedule more than 3 days in advance, there is no rescheduling fee.
    • If you reschedule with less than 3 days to your photo experience, a 25% package price fee will apply. Except for emergencies*.
    *Natural disaster, illness, direct family member emergency, or last-minute travel restrictions.

  • Can I cancel my photoshoot?
  • If you need to cancel your photo session, please notify us via email at with at least 3 days notice. Our cancelation policy is as follows:  
    a) If you cancel more than 3 days in advance of your photoshoot, we will issue you with a photoshoot credit of the same value which you can use at any time in the future, with no expiration date. 
    b) If you cancel within 3 days of your photoshoot, no credits or refunds will be issued.
    c) In the event of an emergency (natural disaster, illness, direct family member emergency, or last-minute travel restrictions), we will issue you with a photoshoot credit of the same value which you can use at any time in the future, with no expiration date. Please note, documentation may be required.
    NOTE: Cancelations during holiday seasons must be done a week in advance of the shoot date. This will be specific to each destination, as each city and country has its own special dates and holidays.
  • What happens if I don’t make it to my photoshoot?
  • No refund will be issued for no-shows (except for emergencies or unforeseen circumstances).

  • I’m running late! How will this affect my photoshoot?
  • If you’re running late (hey, it happens!), message your photographer as soon as possible. Sometimes your photographer may be able to wait for you, but in cases where they have another photoshoot scheduled, they may not be able to stay longer.
    • Stay in contact with your photographer so you are both on the same page. We recommend arriving early to avoid traffic or other unforeseen circumstances 😁
    • If you arrive at your session late, any time that has passed will be forfeited and you may shoot for the remaining amount of time.
    • If you wish to extend your photoshoot beyond the originally scheduled time, you can upgrade your package during the photoshoot. Go to your dashboard in the ‘Bookings’ tab, select the booking and click on the ‘upgrade’ button. 
  • What happens if it’s raining on the day of my photoshoot?
  • The great thing about our photo sessions is that they’re weatherproof. Outdoor photoshoots in the rain can make for great photos - trust our photo team talent! However, if rain is detrimental to the purpose of your session, stay in touch with your photographer to work together on different possibilities, i.e. locations, slight time adjustments, etc.
  • We are having an amazing time! Can we extend our photo session?
  •  If you wish to extend your photo session beyond the originally scheduled time, you can upgrade your package during the photo session with agreement from your photographer. Go to your dashboard in the ‘Bookings’ tab, select the booking and click on the ‘upgrade’ button. 
  • When will I receive my photos?
  • The photographer will upload your photos to your personalized private gallery within 24-48 hours after your shoot. Once the photos are uploaded, you will receive them directly in your dashboard ready to select your favorites, download, and start using!
  • How will the photos be delivered?
  • The photos will be delivered to your account dashboard. You’ll receive an email notification informing you that they are ready.
  • How to download them?
  • Login to your account.
    Go to the ‘Bookings’ tab.
    Select your booking and go to the ‘Photographs’ tab.
    Select your favorite photos.
    Download them to your smartphone or computer.

  • Do I own the rights to my photos?
  • Yes! You have the right to use the photos for personal use. While you can share them with the world, post them, print them, promote yourself with them, and hang them on your wall, you may not alter or re-sell them to third parties without consent from Angle.
  • Can I choose the photos I want?
  • Your private gallery includes the best shots from your photoshoot, selected and edited by your awesome photographer. Remember that due to the nature of candid photography, not all shots will come out as planned. If you have specific “must-have” shots in mind, let your photographer know prior to your session.
  • Will I receive all of the unedited photos or raw files?
  • While we would love to provide all of the unedited or raw files, the magic happens after the editing process. And it would be nearly impossible for our photographers to edit all of your images. Think: quality over quantity!
  • In what format are the photos delivered?
  • Your high-resolution photos will be delivered in .jpg format.
  • Can I buy additional photos or prints directly from the photographer?
  • No, everything has to be done through Angle. We ask all of our customers to be respectful and honor the hard work we do to pair you with professional photographers and offer their outstanding services. Read about our Honor Code here. 
  • Can I buy additional photos or prints in the platform?
  • Of course! If you loved all your photos and want to buy more, you can do so in your personalized private gallery by clicking “More photos”. Select your desired amount to purchase, pay with the card on file and download.
  • I want to propose to my significant other. Can you help me make it happen?
  • From selecting the best time to choosing the perfect location, our photographers will work with you every step of the way so you get timeless shots of this special moment. You can choose to keep it a secret and have your photographer hide and capture the moment candidly, or you can play it up like a fun, casual photo session and give your photographer a signal when you’re about to pop the question 😉 Make sure you book your session under the Surprise Proposal category.
  • Do you provide wedding photography services?
  • We offer photoshoots before the wedding (engagement, elopement, even bachelorette) or after the wedding ceremony (either on the day of or at a later time, including your honeymoon). Couples should feel free to dress in their wedding attire, but keep in mind that our photo sessions are limited to private, candid shoots, and will not document the ceremony and wedding. Review the categories we offer on our home page!
  • Do you provide event photography or other types of photography apart from the ones you offer as categories?
  • Yes we do! Angle is your photography marketplace for all photo needs! Have a specific shoot or photography goal in mind? Email us at to discuss. 
  • Is event pricing the same as a vacation photography shoot?
  • If you’re thinking of capturing a personal event, our Special Occasion category is right for you. If you’re thinking of a corporate event, pricing varies depending on the event/occasion, length, and location. For accurate pricing, please email us at
  • You don’t offer photographers in my desired location. What are my options?
  • Send us your request either via our live chat or by emailing us directly at Our team will get back to you within 24-hours with a solution.
  • Once I pay for the photoshoot, are there any additional fees/charges I need to know about?
  • Not from our end. Transportation fees may apply depending on the exact location you decide for your photoshoot. Please, keep in mind that you are responsible for any admission fees or transportation fees during the session (entry to a museum, Ubers, public transportation, etc.). Admissions can be paid beforehand through the platform or directly at the location.
  • Can I split my package time on different days?
  • All packages are bought as a session, which means you can not split your time. If you would like us to capture your photography needs on two different days you will need to purchase two packages, one for each day.
  • Can I ask for a refund after buying a gift card?
  • Gift cards are non-refundable and are valid for up to a year after purchase.
  • Do you work with influencers?
  • We do! If you are interested in working together please email us with your proposal, media kit and blog information at
  • Do you work with affiliates, partners, travel agents, etc?
  • Yes! If you want to be part of our affiliate program, partner up with us or offer our service to your customers, we are all ears. Please contact us at