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Melbourne, Australia

About me

Andrew is a born traveller, an explorer at heart, and fascinated by the visual world, he lives and breathes photography. He began film photography in his teen years, he learnt key techniques, but then really flew in the digital era. In the last 20 years (all his adult life) he has lived in Australia, Japan, Sth Korea, Taiwan, and the UK. An experienced traveller, Andrew knows what to do and what to look for when in a strange city. He is always happy to share advice, inside knowledge, and lot more for anyone who needs it.
Andrew specializes in lifestyle and environmental portraiture, which means photographing people in the city, on the streets, at tourist attractions, special events, anywhere. To get good quality photos in these busy environments can be difficult, but this is his speciality. Andrew can speak some Japanese, and is re-learning Chinese and Korean.


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