• April Celeste


Dubai, UAE

About me

Hi, I am April and I love to be in countries I’ve never been before and tell travel stories through my lens. Born and raised in the Pearl of the Orient Seas, almost all my life was spent in the tropics. So you can just imagine how awestruck I was with Dubai’s Arabian charm and its modern skyscrapers. The tea, the lights, the desert, the souks, the abras, the people (a mix of almost all nations of the world), even the oud scent - quickly captured my Filipina heart. Not long after, I found my itchy feet wandering the cobbled streets of nearby Armenia, Georgia, Czech Republic, Vienna, France, England, and climbing Swiss mountains to add more life and experience to my photography. I would love to capture your travel stories too - freeze the genuine and raw emotions as you fall in love with this city like I did the first time.


English, Tagalog

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