• Fabio


Tenerife, Spain

About me

Fabio became a photographer in 2007 during a vacation, twenty years before the thought “I’d like to be a photographer” first entered his head. From there he embarked on an intense independent study of the art, which led to him becoming a Master of the Nikon School in just two years, holding many high-level workshops for the company and himself. He began photographing weddings almost by chance, and with the arrival of his wife Simona, he opened his own studio, which has had great success across the nation.
Wasbeen Worldwide testimonial for Fujifilm from 2011 to 2013 just after the Nikon Experience.In. the same years gained the 14th position in the. worldwide wedding photographers ranking. At now is still in the first 100. From2014 He lives in Tenerife with his family.
Always at work with Simona Pilolla, his wife and professional photographer too.