• Luis


Cochabamba, Bolivia

About me

Luis Aguilera Sarmiento, was born on August 27, 1991 in Bolivia, is a young student in the career of social communication at the Universidad Mayor de San Simón. He studied photography in the city of Cochabamba. He is currently working in photography and 2 years ago he started working as a professional photographer mainly for companies that advertise products and services.
The style of the photography that Luis handles is the photography of the portrait in exteriors, the displacements in different locations of his city of origin, his most frequent clients are the young people, the children, the newly married couples, etc.
Today, Luis not only continues to do photography, but also imparts his knowledge in a photography institute based in the city of Cochabamba.
With a lot of passion and dedication, he is getting his work valued by all his clients and students.