• Lukas


Whistler, Canada

About me

Hey! My name is Lukas. I’m easy-going adventurous person and I’m always open to your ideas! I started photography when I was 16 and I immediately fell in Love with endless possibilities what this passion provides. It became my favourite hobby and I’m always on the hunt to get better picture. During my creative pathway I decided to set another milestone and became professional photographer focused on portraits and events.

I’m having best time when I get an opportunity to shoot other people. I like to focus on small details, play with different angles and light conditions. My absolute favourite is capturing people in movement with element of nature involved. That’s one of the reasons why I like to travel and seek new souls and sceneries. 

I moved to Whistler in 2014 and quickly realized that I want this to be my home base. Whistler offers countless spectacular views and great photoshoot locations. It is one of the places in the World where is very easy to meet other travellers and share stories. So, what is your story?