• Nelson


Macau, Macau

About me

Hi! I'm Nelson, born and raised in the north of Portugal. I finished my Masters in Architecture when I was living in Norway (2014). I've been traveling in Asia for a couple of months at a time since 2013, when I decided to move to Macau in the beginning of 2018. As I enjoy different people and cultures I've travelled to 40+ countries around Europe, Asia and Africa. I've been fascinated by photography since I was very young. At 17 yo, I worked during one summer in Portugal to buy my first DSLR camera. I was always very interested in learning more, reading and exchanging knowledge with other photographers. This last couple of years I started taking it more seriously and I've been more up to portraits, street and architecture photography. Check my work and drop me a line if you want to discuss some more about what I can do for you!


English, Portuguese, Spanish