• Nicolas


Quito, Ecuador

About me

I am better known as Nico, and I love photography, football and dogs. Besides this I really enjoy doing street photography, as well as landscape and artistic personal projects. The thing I like the most about traveling is getting to know new people, and when people travel to my city and country, I really enjoy showing touristic as well as not very touristy places. Languages are also on my list of things I really like. I love to speak English and am very fluent with it, this has allowed me to know many people from around the world in Ecuador and in places I`ve visited.

I've been doing photography for the past 12 years and specialize as I said in landscape and artistic photography. For a living I am an industrial and graphic designer that complements everything with image and photography. I work in my own personal studio so my agenda is pretty flexible and I am always up to some photos!

I always travel with my dog Pachanga and constantly travel to the jungle and beaches that are not far from my city.

I love Quito and believe that the simple fact we are at the centre of the world makes me confident this is a very energetic loving city and would very much enjoy showing some cool people and couples around (: