• Rakhmat


Oita, Japan

About me

No worries if spelling his name is a bit hard for you because you can call him with his nickname - Aat. Aat posses his master degree in Fine Arts Photography from Sydney University, and he is a photographer of various international magazine and mass media. Has been intimate with camera SLR since he was 7 years old, it’s just simply turn him to be the expert now. When you see his works, it’s all about the taste and strong impression. Touching senses and tickle mind by his photo works is his specialize.

His known for doing various editorial and advertorial fashion and beauty shot for A-list fashion and life style magazines in Jakarta, Indonesia before he moved to Japan. He is notable being photographer shot journalistic-style portrait for well-known people or celebrities. He is skilled and famous with the use of street photography technique for shooting in high fashion glamour photo shot. He focuses on capturing a split-second decisive moments that de ne entire experiences.

The first thing that hits you - no - touches you when you meet Aat is his demeanor. Refreshingly matter of fact in an enthusiastic student kind of way. Soft spoken, tech savvy and the hardest worker you’ll encounter. Add a charming smile of him, you would always feel so safe when the deadline is on your next door.