• Robert


Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

About me

I'm Bob, a professional photographer and a passionate traveler. I love to tell stories with images of beautiful people and places. I believe that while working as a photographer with people, it is important to create a real connection and attempt to understand what they are trying to capture; I hope to make everyone look their best and to capture the surroundings and mood of an event.

I have spent most of my life taking photos, bought my first Pentax K-1000 film camera in 1986, then studied photography throughout college and later through specialized workshops and classes. I now use Nikon full format cameras, speed lighting, and lenses that range from macro to wide angle. I've been working in different styles of photography from food and restaurants to portraits and social events. I am thorough, thoughtful, organized, persistent, and I follow through with projects so you will have your finished, retouched photos quickly.

I am also a chef, cookbook author, and a former marketing director for over twenty years with a strong background in design and photography, and I have lived in St. Louis, Santa Fe, Sarasota, Tampa, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. I enjoy domestic and international travel and try to visit as many places around the globe as possible, while capturing it all on camera.



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