• Sarra


Montreal, Canada

About me

Hello travelers! My name is Sarah and I have been a Montrealer for 13 years. Despite living here for almost a decade-and-a-half, the city never fails to surprise me; keeping me on edge and making me fall in love with it and its people every single day.
I began my journey in photography as a blogger, capturing the many concerts and events that take place here, but my interests soon turned to street and urban photography after discovering all the hidden gems and secret places of this beautiful city.
As a blogger, I always know the coolest and hippest places to visit and I love working with people to capture them in those contexts. I find all my subjects to be an inspiration and use their emotions to create unique moments to capture. Being a photographer has changed my life and I hope I can share both my passions for the city and photography to give you unforgettable memories during your visit.