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Sapporo, Japan

About me

Hi! I am a friendly Japanese guy who is eager to talk to anyone I don’t know yet. I was born and raised in Yokohama and decided to move to the north island of Japan (Hokkaido). I love this place much because we can easily access vast nature outside Sapporo city. As a professional photographer I also work for travel magazines so that I know lots of great restaurants that serves tasty local cuisine. I can help you and your company taste some of them!
Summer is one of the best seasons for you to enjoy nature in Hokkaido. In winter Sapporo turns to be a snow wonderland, which is one of the rare central cities in the world with much snow. I am so excited to be a part of your adventures and to capture your fun and joyful moments. Let’s make a story!


3.0 (1 Reviews)

Location and lighting were not great. Overall, pictures were not great either. Ton of mediocre pictures. Done many travel photoshoots, and this ranks as one of the worst.

Lauren Evans Evans
July, 2023