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Reykjavik is an 1,100 year-old city known for its Viking heritage, outstanding natural beauty, and fantastic nightlife.

The first Norse people to reach its shores called it, The Bay of Smoke, or Reykjavík. There are 130 volcanoes on the small island of Iceland, creating countless geothermal pools of water with steam rising off them. As a result, swimming and soaking in these pools are one of the locals’ favorite past times!

If it’s your first visit to Reykjavik, head to Hallgrimskirkja church. It won’t be hard to miss as it’s the tallest structure in the city, built to evoke the natural wonders of Iceland. Take the elevator to the top of the 239 foot tall tower for a 360 degree view of the colorful city, as well as the sea and the mountains beyond.

On the streets of what is a modern capital, you’ll find friendly faces and a small town vibe. Delight in flea markets and street art, ice cream and coffee shops. There are at least a dozen museums to explore on everything from vikings to volcanoes, photography to phallology. Even the clubs and bars on the main street of Laugavegur are welcoming.

From Reykjavík you can go puffin and whale-watching, or horseback riding on Icelandic horses. Catch a ten minute ferry ride to Viðey Island where, from October through December, you can see the Imagine Peace Tower designed by Yoko Ono to honor her husband, John Lennon, project light over two miles up into the night sky.

Depending when you visit, you might have hours of daylight to explore nature, or hours of darkness to hunt for the Aurora Borealis. Whatever time of year you visit, book one of our Reykjavik photographers to capture your Icelandic adventure!



Reykjavik, Iceland

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