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Zanzibar is a timeless place that appeals to both the romantic and the adventurer. Your senses will come alive with the smell of spices, the sound of the call to prayer and church bells, the taste of tea and sugar cane, and the sight of the colorful markets and clear turquoise waters.

Zanzibar refers to the group of islands off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, and the main island, Unguja, is often simply called, Zanzibar.

From top to bottom the island is blessed with vibrant sunsets, white beaches, and palm trees leaning down to kiss the water’s edge. For the romantic, the northern villages of Nungwi and Kendwa are the perfect getaways for a coveted beach vacation to include luxury hotels and thatched umbrellas on long stretches of sand.

Further south, the adventurer can get lost in Zanzibar City and its historic Stone Town on the water’s edge. The old trading center immerses you in the melting pot that is Zanzibar, with African, Indian, Arab and European cultures swirling around you in tantalizing flavors (try the Zanzibar pizza!) and beautiful sights. Step back in time with a visit to the former slave market, the Palace Museum, the spires of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, and the walls of the Old Fort. Or simply wander the narrow streets and carved doorways before watching the children play and the sun set into the water from the promenade.

Take a day trip to Chumbe Island to meet the resident population of giant tortoises, or to Changu Island to snorkel along its coral reef sanctuary.

Whether sailing in a traditional wooden dhow, lying on a white sandy beach, or exploring winding lanes, book one of our local Zanzibar photographers to capture the memories you’ll make on these timeless islands.



Zanzibar, Tanzania

My name is Ashrak Mussa Machano I am 30 years old. I was born and raised in Zanzibar. Through the year I have been using AshGallery as my photography


Zanzibar, Tanzania

Hello, I am Ismail Abeid, from Zanzibar,Tanzania. I am a professional photographer, and I am doing weddings, travel, family, food, and other differen

Hamed Mohamed

Zanzibar, Tanzania

My name is Hamed Mohammed I am 28 years old. I was born and raised in Zanzibar. Through the year I have been working at my own photography business na