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Mysterious and monumental, Moscow rewards its intrepid visitors with both the awe-inspiring and surprising.

Start in the beating heart of the city: the Red Square and Kremlin. Here you’ll see colorful St. Basil Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum, the beautiful 19th century GUM State Department Stores, and the red walls of the Kremlin with a dozen towers rising beyond. Take a tour, soak in the 1,000 years of history, then return after dark to find the Square lit up in magical splendour.

There is no shortage of grand buildings and monuments throughout Moscow, from the neoclassical Catherine Palace to the towering, controversial statue of Peter the Great on the Moskva River to the sweeping Monument to the Conquerors of Space, shaped like a rocket arcing into space. But there is also so much more.

Tear your eyes away and you’ll find yourself surprised and charmed by the everyday aspects of life in this imposing city.

Join the locals at farmers markets where babushkas sell cowberry jam and honey or stroll with Muscovites at their many parks filled with flowers, modern art, even a graveyard of former Soviet Union statues! Enjoy rich coffee at one of their beloved cafes (part of a thriving cafe culture) or vodka and pickles (the classic combo) at a hip, modern bar. Travel on the Moscow Metro which only costs a dollar but has stations as breathtaking as any art gallery.

Yes, Moscow has the Bolshoi Theater and Tretyakov Gallery, but it also has 24-hour florists, a park of padlock trees, and a small, touching monument dedicated to Malchik, the stray dog who lived and died at Mendeleevskaya Station. Book one of our Moscow photographers, learn a few words of Russian, and experience this splendid, surprising city!


Moscow, Russia

Hello! I’m an Russian lifestyle photographer Based in Seoul. I have been doing photography for more than 8 years. By education I am a civil engineer,

Elena "Lena"

Moscow, Russia

Hello! My name Lena. I’m professionally make family photos, photos of couples, photos of children. I love my job. Photography is my life! Everytim


Moscow, Russia

Hello! My name's Natalie. I'm a professional photographer. I shoot a lot of weddings, portraits and fashion photoshoots. I live and work in Moscow. It


Moscow, Russia

Hi! I'm Local in Moscow, which is my special love. Plus my another love - photography (for 7 years already) , it is amazing combo! If you want to see


Moscow, Russia

My name is Mariia but pronounced Masha and I am from Sakhalin, Russia. Yes, that makes me Masha from Russia! Spent many of my early adult years flying


Moscow, Russia

Hi) My name is Sophie. I believe that looking at the photo you can see the photographer's attitude to the life, his vision of this world. I am fascina