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Vilnius, Lithuania • Mallorca, Spain

About me

Though photography was always in my life, getting involved in extreme sports was the point of no return. I fell in love with action and adventure photography. The quest of finding and capturing the ideal moment, the movement and action itself, the flash of emotion, the tick of fear defeated, the technical precision, the spark of success – all these things excite me in my work. Shooting extreme sports taught me to capture the best possible moment and the most natural emotion, find the most interesting background and work in the natural light environment...These skills are very useful in travel, family, couples photography and I enjoy applying them to get spectacular pictures in simple environment.
10 years of practice in travel, event, action and adventure photography. Same time of close friendship with Photoshop. I have traveled to more than 40 countries in total. Lived for longer period of time in 10 countries over 5 continents. And I love to share that knowledge as well as magic of photography with my customers!


English, Russian

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