• Alexandra


Porto, Portugal

About me

Hi! I’m Alexandra, but my friends call me Alice! My story begins in Bucharest, the city where I was born and raised and the place I’ve discovered my passion for everything creative (except singing, which I cannot do at all). In recent years I moved to Porto, a city that’s more than just a postcard-type of place and a city I now call my home!

When I’m not taking pictures, I work as a freelance architect and graphic designer, enjoying every minute of it. You could say that my training as an architect made it part of my job to explore cities for their stories which are often times hidden in plain sight. I am a keen traveler myself, therefore I understand what it feels like to uncover lesser known places even in the more famous cities.

Portugal has a special relationship to light and Porto is no exception but I do recommend having the photo session closer to sunset hours if your schedule allows it! Lastly, I hope I will get the chance to shoot your travel and share the experience of (re)discovering Porto together!


English, Portuguese