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New York, New York, USA

About me

As a Certified Photographer affiliated with the Professional Photographers of America, I am wholeheartedly committed to delivering an unparalleled service to my clients, driven by my unwavering love for capturing beauty and expressing profound empathy for humanity. Through this devotion, my work has earned widespread recognition, and much of my success stems from the enthusiastic referrals of satisfied customers. My reputation as an innovative, detail-oriented professional and a dedicated team player is well-established, further defining my distinctive style.

Born in the vibrant city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and having had the privilege of traversing through Switzerland, Paris, and New York, I have been blessed with exposure to diverse cultures that have enriched my creativity and versatility. The world of photography fascinates me, and I am incredibly fortunate to meet and be inspired by a multitude of wonderful individuals through my profession.

Nothing brings me greater joy than preserving cherished moments for people to relish and reminisce about throughout their lives. Among my fondest memories is a captivating night in Dumbo, capturing mesmerizing long exposures.

Through my journey, I have learned invaluable lessons in perseverance and resilience, essential elements for achieving professional success. Photography remains my lifelong passion, and I am eager to be recognized for my contributions, accompanied by the financial stability that ensures a secure future. This stability will enable me to make an even more profound impact on both my life and the lives of others.

In summary, I strive to leave an indelible mark on the world through my artistic vision and commitment to the craft, creating enduring memories that transcend time. With boundless dedication, I eagerly embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, fueling my passion for photography and embracing the joy it brings.


English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

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Selin Ergecer
February, 2022

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