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Mexico City, Mexico

About me

Hi! I am Elisa, a professional photographer based in Mexico City. How about a photoshoot while traveling Mexico? I was born and raised here, so I know pretty well my beautiful city! As a local person, I’ll be glad to tell about architecture, show you secret spots or even recommend you tasty meals. I am bilingual (Spanish/English) and I can also speak a little of French and Japanese! While living abroad I realized how much foreign people appreciate and show interest about the Mexican culture, characterized by its colorful, vibrant and heartwarming scenarios. Since then, I started sharing my personal vision through photography and fortunately people share the feeling with me. I do really enjoy meeting new people and photography has allowed me to experience new friendships! I am in love with Mexico and it will be my pleasure helping you to feel like home, making good memories during your stay. I’m looking forward to meet you soon and enjoy together! Please don’t hesitate to send me a message to plan how can I best fit into your schedules. Any request you may have will be considered because it’s my wish to make you feel happy and be part of your great experience here.

Please feel free to find me on IG as @the_shoot_room to see more of my content and what I can offer to you :)

Plus... we can always have time for tacos! Welcome anytime!


English, Spanish

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Lindsay Gilstrap
May, 2023