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Hi there,
My name is RuRu (Wan-Ru Lin林宛儒). I’ve lived in London since 2015 and currently work as a Multimedia artist.
My artworks range from photography and video to installation art. Since 2017, I am working on an art project that involves photography about London, meaning that I know a lot of hidden gems and have an artistic perspective on the city. That’s why, besides the standards (Tower bridge, red phone booths, or similar), I can also provide you with something extraordinary and will show you the hidden gems of the city, if you feel like this.
Please feel free to discuss all your thoughts with me before meeting me. I am very open-minded about your ideas.
Since I am from Taiwan, I am a Mandarin Chinese speaker. But, of course, you can also contact me if you speak English. >.^

我來自台灣台北,2015年搬到倫敦至今。從2017年開始加入一個攝影研究,關於倫敦的光與影,也因為這個因素,我去了很多有趣的地方,所以有自信可以給妳 / 你們不同的城市體驗。(當然,前提是如果你剛好有那麼一點想要體驗不一樣的旅遊經驗,在拍攝前不要害羞,我們可以討論一下,我相信這會是很棒的體驗與結果喔。)除了特殊體驗,我也懂,哎呀!都到了倫敦,當然要朝聖各大景點啊並且享受一下下午茶!!!以便及時的跟親友們炫耀一下,這部分完全不用擔心,我本人也是一個超愛倫敦塔橋啊,紅色電話亭的人,尤其是泰唔士河岸的絕美風光!真是看一次讚嘆一次!沒問題!這種好好炫耀的行程,我可是很愛的。自介就這樣囉!有興趣的話歡迎點我並且跟我聯繫和討論,謝謝大家^^


English, Mandarin

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