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Mazatlan, Mexico

About me

¡Hola! I am proudly Mexican photographer, born in the beautiful port of Mazatlan, I am perfectionist and sunset lover, I am 33 years old, 10 years dedicating professionally to photography.
Photographing life and all its moments has been a passion for me since I had my first camera at 8 years of age, when i went to university I decided to make photography more than a hobby, because it was already becoming a lifestyle. I studied Graphic Design where I got to know the basics of photography, and I just loved it. After finishing college I went to work at a photography company in a renowned hotel in which I grew enormously, both as a photographer and as a person, and I loved the contact you had with people and how you connected with them, knowing a little about their life, telling you their stories and immortalizing some moments for them in their beach vacations. After 4 years of living these experiences daily, I decided to become freelance photographer, and dedicate myself to destination photography and weddings.
So.. I would love to meet you, I’ll be the perfect candidate to show you the beautiful colors of my city.


English, Spanish

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