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Houston, Texas, USA

About me

Dear friend, I am Arebise, born and raised in China, lived in New Orleans for 5 years, Mexico City for 2 years and Houston for 3 - traveling around and living in different countries give me special eyes, and train me to explore different ways to express beauty. I speak fluent English, Mandarin, Spanish and a little bit of Russian.
Compares to most of the cities in the states, Houston is sort of different - It is so huge, can be amazingly peaceful or alive, full of passion, with a great mix of people from all around the world. Being a traveller myself, I can feel what you are looking for. I fall for photography while I was in New Orleans, and now it has been 8 years. I did fashion/portrait, wedding/proposal, traveling photography all around the places – U.S., India, China, Mexico. I love to capture moments, instead of posing, we will hangout like friends, walk around the city, and I will secretly capture the moments when you smile, when you dance, when you become the most beautiful person in my eyes. Everybody deserves to have a chance to record his or her special moments, and I hope I have the honor to be a part of it. I am not afraid to fall in love when I press down the shutter button.


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