• Artem


St.Petersburg, Russia

About me

My name is Artem Korenuk. I am freelance full-time photographer since 2012, work as commercial photographer and as artist, exploring new shapes, techniques and methods in art of photography. I like to travel wondering by places and things, but the main that make me wonder most of all are the people around, their culture, fashion, habits. Few years I worked as photojournalist and cameraman for newsrooms. It was great experience. After that I took a lot of weddings and event photo reports, and it was very interesting too in it own way.
Now I am make personal photo sets, work with business clients and newsrooms, work on personal art series and photo projects.
People are most interesting to be photographed. Everyone lives a series of short stories daily and these stories make a story of whole life. Being in middle of things I see the stories of mane people around. Being face to face with anyone during the photo set – it is way to portray the little story of big life and emphasize the emotions of moment. That makes my heart warm and like to share the feelings with others.
Also, about me: Member of The Russian Union of Art Photographers. By the way, I like waves, big old cities and wild innocent places, nature, trees, good music and movies, Instagram blogger, rollerblades, addicted and Chinese tea lover. Dream about snow peaks of Himalayas, great waves of Nazare, Orinoko forests and another amazing places and things I want to arrive or come back again, and daily I try to find the beauty in common and simple things around me.


English, Russian