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Bangkok, Thailand

About me

Hi, I’m Bonny, and I have been a photographer in Bangkok for five years. My experiences include many different kinds of photography such as Travel, Lifestyle, Fashion, Event, Wedding, and Studio Photography. The key to my type of photography is not only about its beauty, but also the ability to show your character and personality. When you look back at these pictures, they will make you go, “Wow! It’s me! That’s who I was at that moment!” There is so much that you can discover from the pictures, and you will never get bored from looking at them. Most Importantly, I can take you wherever you want to go in Bangkok. Just tell me what kind of place you would like to go or what kind of interest peeks you such as the Culture, Landmark, or the Unseen, not to mention that I could also find you awesome and authentic Bangkok-style meal!
Welcome To Bangkok, welcome to Bonny’s Style!


5.0 (1 Reviews)

Bonny was exceptional! Could read the situation perfectly and made adjustments as necessary. Very grateful for his talent and personality! Thank you.

Tanya Taylor
February, 2024