• Carlos


Sacramento, California, USA

About me

Hey! I’m Carl and I’m a Los Angeles native now Sacramento based professional portrait photographer who would love to show you another side of the beautiful Sacramento area. My goal is to show the many people curious of the wondrous life outside of the city lights and encapsulate those beautiful moments in time. I remember my first time exploring the outskirts of Sacramento, and the sense of awe that filled my mind. Some of the most beautiful scenic routes i've ever traversed in my many travels around the world are nestled tightly in the hidden parts of l.a. county. Places you’d never see otherwise, along with local favourites and landmarks around the many cities in Sac county. If you’re an outdoors lover (like I am) you’ll be in awe of the many coastal coves and mountain ranges. I am immensely passionate about capturing “natural” moments anywhere and everywhere while having fun on our adventure! Let's explore and create!