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Los Angeles, California, USA

About me

Hi! I'm Elaine and I'm addicted to my job as a photographer. I dedicate most of my time taking high-quality pictures and offering the best San Francisco experience. Unlike many others, I'm one of the rare natives of San Francisco and know the most beautiful and perfect spots to shoot at. I have years of experience and know what I'm doing. I believe in making work into great work. Other than photography, making people laugh and eating too many sweets is what I do best. I hope to show you around my beautiful San Francisco city and give you the best memory to take back home! Feel free to view my profile for more info or just shoot us a message with any questions.


5.0 (2 Reviews)

April 2022

Sean Sullivan

I took a quick trip to CA on business and wanted some professional photos with the beautiful backdrop of Pasadena City Hall. Elaine’s photography is magnificent and just what I wanted. Angle is now my preferred travel photography service!

May 2022

June 2022

July 2022


1. Elaine is a nice photographer. She provides nice suggestions (timing, places, etc.) before taking photos. She got to the place on time with heavy traffic. She is easy-going, outgoing, and listens to clients' preferences. She's patient with our dog and even helps with belongs. We drove to two places and took different kinds of photos. Photos came out with nice quality.
2. Angle platform is a good place to provide options for people to book appointments within a few days. I booked on 07/27 for the appointment on 07/30. I searched a lot and for most of them, I have to wait at least a couple of weeks. And the price is fair.

Cons: (Not sure if it's common among all platforms)
1. Customer Service access is limited. Probably because of time zone differences. I'm in PST, live chat window starts showing "We'll be back online tomorrow" around noon. And I sent a message not get a response (but Elaine answered me with that)
2. Thro website labeling receiving photos 24-48 hours, I got them on the 4th day. But I guess that's how advertising works and I'm not asking for my photos within one or two days that urgent. And as I do need them on the 4th day, Elaine helped me prioritize a little bit. So suggest mentioning at the begging if you want the photos within a strict timeline.

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