• Izambella


Liopetri, Cyprus

About me

Self-driven, creative and highly energetic, Izambella has an extensive background in many different disciplines of photography such as weddings, christenings, events, landscape, conceptual, portrait, fashion, studio, newborn and family photography. Possessing strong leadership qualities and excellent communication skills, Izambella is passionate about both digital and analogue photography. In her daily life, she seeks inspiration, motivation and creativity by observing her surroundings and capturing images using natural colours, shadows and light. She loves to experiment with different atmospheres and aesthetic themes by creating imaginary scenes for photo-shoots using various objects and furniture that she loves to collect. Izambella is also very interested in portraying human expression and behaviours and she skillfully manages to capture spontaneous moments while also revealing real emotions. Her work is a reflection of her artistic character which is constantly searching for unique ways of expression. As a result, Izambella has established her own professional studio, Vintage Photography.