• Johnson


Soufriere, St. Lucia

About me

St. Lucia is the crowned beauty queen of the Caribbean. Endowed with her are towering twin peaks of the Pitons, filled with bolt holes of lustrous cascading waterfalls, crescent beaches, and lush green rainforests. One of the leading tourist destinations in the world, St. Lucia is perfect for a getaway to bask in steamy volcanic mud pits, go hiking, or zip lining through the jungle canopy. Not only does she possess bountiful physical attributes, St. Lucia is culture-rich and blessed with natural talent. 
The island’s scenery cries out to be explored and professional photographer Johnson “Jkube” has first-hand knowledge of the wealth of beauty of St. Lucia as he has been capturing her sweet nature through his photography for over 16 years. Armed with extensive knowledge of the breathtaking tourist attractions on the island, he has done photo sessions at almost every scenic, uninterrupted backdrop that the island offers. In addition to his remarkable photography skills, Johnson “Jkube’s” warm and bubbly personality differentiates him from many others as it sets the tone for his photoshoots and puts his clients at ease. No place is too far or out of reach for the adventurous photographer who stops at nothing to get the perfect shot. He has climbed all of the island’s tallest peaks to ensure that he shoots every angle in every spot of the sweet Helen of the West – Let Her Inspire You.