• Kelvin


Mombasa, Kenya

About me

Kelvin Kariithi is a young soul with a background in Bsc Information Technology professionally and a photographer by passion. He is a self-taught photographer having practiced the same from 2016 in Mombasa Kenya. He is moved by the complexities of life around him and captures them in frames. He says the field has overtime changed his way of problem solving, analytical skills and life skills as a general having met all kinds of people in his line of duty. His liking for the scouting movement, salsa dance, specialty coffee and art in general has overtime improved his artistic eye. He says, he is on the go to make a world album on his desk. Welcome him to your space. Mombasa has amazing scenery and my stay here for the last 5 years has made me who I am artistically. Every aspect is art in Mombasa, Food, architecture, dressing, name it. Let me serve you the best from our coast city.