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Vienna, Austria

About me

Hi, my Name is Nel I was born in the Philippines and my family has migrated to Vienna and eventually have my own family here in Vienna too.

I'm a mom Photographer, I have more than 10 years experience and I'm specialized doing documentary photography which means i mostly capture natural story. ( Though, i also consider my client request.)

That is how envision when taking photos of a client. Everyone has a story to tell and it is my work to capture the story through my eyes and lens, I will document the story that you will spend and enjoy in Vienna. either its with friends, family or partner.

Time will fly so fast, you will be back in your home country. Only photos will be left. either digital or printed. This will bring you back the happy memories that will make you smile the end of the day at work.


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We love to travel and enjoy having photographs that we are together. We had a great experience in Vienna with Kris. We have one suggestion for the website when choosing the photographs. When you enlarge the photo, it would be nice to see if that photo was chosen instead of going back to the thumbnails.

Miluska Propersi
April, 2022