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Tampa, Florida, USA

About me

Hey friend! I CANNOT wait to meet you! I am a Branding/lifestyle photographer based out of Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. I moved to the TPA region in 2021, and have grown my photography business in ways I never thought could be possible. My photography journey begins in 2000, when I was born, and I had a mama who documented most of my life on film; when I was starting high school, I snatched my first camera, and fell in love with the concept of the independent, creative world my mom had exposed me to. For me, the pandemic was completely career shifting, and while I was home, jobless, following YouTube workouts and collecting unemployment, I was building the foundation of the photographer I am today. It's crazy to look back on those pandemic days, as we all experienced 2020, completely different. For me the moments alone, was where I found a love not only for working for myself, but also making an impact on people, you! Documenting the high moments, and making people feel loved, receiving photos that freeze that moment in time, knowing that you'll always have a memory stopped, for just a second; its the reason I do this. My style is coastal, imagine hanging your photos up in the perfect beach house, candid, im snatching those in between moments, and creative, trying new shots, making your photoshoot unique to you, because HECK why NOT!



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Rene Yamin
July, 2022