• Minsik


Taipei, Taiwan

About me

I am a professional analogue and digital photographer based in Taipei, Taiwan. I have been working as a travel photographer for many years in Seoul, the UK and Taiwan. I am inspired by everything around me, always curious and waiting for the moment to tell a story. I aim to capture the tones of emotion, friendship, love and striking colours of humanity. I believe that everyone has their own mood and identity - this makes every photo shoot special, I am always seeking to capture something different and unique about the person in every shoot.
I love showing people the city I now call home and documenting the atmosphere and beauty of it, enabling you to take in the classic temple architecture, tropical trees, and charming ponds. With extensive local knowledge, and a passion for exploring, I can tailor the location of the shoot to meet your needs, from iconic Taipei landmarks to hidden historical sites, and beautiful nature. I speak Korean, English, and a bit of Chinese, Japanese. Thanks!