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Cairo, Egypt

About me

Greetings, I'm Mo'men Esmat, a seasoned Egyptian photographer with an illustrious 20+ year journey in the world of photography. Currently residing in the vibrant heart of Cairo, my passion for photography has carved a unique niche in the realm of Egyptian photographers. My expertise lies in crafting cherished memories for couples on the most joyous occasions of their lives.

A Love Story Specialist
My distinctive approach sets me apart. I am dedicated to weaving captivating narratives through the lens, with a primary focus on the profound love shared by couples. I have always believed in the power of love stories and understand the significance of preserving them in the most exquisite manner. With a gentle and empathetic nature, I specialize in capturing the subtlest of emotions and the most intricate details, ensuring that your love story is conveyed in its purest form.

Capturing Emotions
For me, love is more than just an emotion; it's an art. I have honed my skills as an artistic photographer to ensure that I not only capture images but also the emotions that accompany them. Love has a unique ability to convey the depth of your feelings and the sincerity of your devotion. My mission is to translate these emotions into tangible memories, encapsulating the true essence of this enchanting phase of your lives.

Unforgettable Moments
When you choose me as your photographer, you're not just hiring a professional; you're enlisting a partner who understands the significance of your special day. The quality of my work and my unwavering commitment to professionalism ensures that every moment, every glance, and every smile is immortalized with perfection. Your romantic adventure, preserved through my lens, will be a treasure you both cherish for a lifetime.

Experience Matters
Your special moments deserve the touch of skilled hands that have been trained and refined over two decades. With extensive experience in various photography styles and techniques, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project. From candid moments to posed portraits, I have honed my craft to deliver excellence in every shot.

Book Your Magical Experience
Time is fleeting, and your special moments are too precious to be left to chance. Don't hesitate to book your photography experience with me today. Let's embark on this romantic journey together and create timeless memories that will forever remind you of the love you share.

Hurry, Book Now
I invite you to connect with me and secure your spot on my calendar. Your love story is waiting to be told, and I am here to ensure it is told with the artistry and passion it deserves. Let's make memories together that will last a lifetime.

Thank you for considering me as your photographer, and I look forward to capturing your love story in all its beauty and authenticity.

Warm regards,
Mo'men Esmat


English, Turkish, Arabic

5.0 (1 Reviews)

Mo'men went out of his way to keep us safe and went the extra mile to get our photos done correctly. He was very kind and was very communicative of everything we need to know about being in Egypt.

Cindy Lewis
February, 2022