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Milan, Italy • Genoa, Italy • Cinque Terre, Italy • Lake Como, Italy • Portofino, Italy

About me

Ciao! I'm Sarath, also known as Cian Pacifico, a passionate lifestyle photographer based in Italy. With a love for capturing genuine moments and telling stories through my lens, I specialize in providing photography services for a variety of occasions. Whether it's capturing the joy of a proposal, the love between engaged couples, the bond of families, the beauty of portraits, or the adventures of travel, I am here to create stunning visuals that will forever preserve your special memories.

My Approach:-
I believe in creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere during our photoshoots. By establishing a comfortable connection, I aim to bring out your authentic emotions and natural expressions. Whether you are in a Honey moon, Family Vacation, exploring Italy with Friends or planning a Surprise Proposa, I will guide you to create images that truly reflect who you are.

What to Expect:-
When you choose me as your photographer, you can expect a personalized and tailored experience. I value open communication and will work closely with you to understand your vision, preferences, and desired outcomes. Together, we'll plan and execute a photoshoot that aligns with your unique style and captures the essence of the moment.

My Style:
My photography style can be described as a blend of contemporary and lifestyle. I adore working with natural light, incorporating vibrant colors, and capturing genuine moments of joy and connection. From candid shots that reveal your true personalities to beautifully composed portraits that reflect your unique story, I strive to create images that evoke emotion and stand the test of time.

What You'll Receive:
After our session, I will carefully curate and edit the photos to ensure they are of the highest quality. You can expect a stunning collection of beautifully edited photographs that reflect the essence of your special moments. Whether you choose to display them as prints in your home or share them digitally with loved ones, I offer a range of options to suit your preferences.

Let's Connect:
I am thrilled to be a part of your journey and to capture the essence of your life in Italy. If you're ready to create timeless memories and embark on a photography experience like no other, don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to hear about your upcoming plans, discuss your ideas, and check my availability. Together, we will create extraordinary images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Available locations:-
- Portofino
- Cinque Terre
- Genoa
- Milan
- Lake Como


English, Italian

5.0 (3 Reviews)

We had the best experience with Sarath! He was available last minute after a different photographer cancelled. He went above and beyond for us, arriving early and offering to stay late since he was waiting for a train. He was so talented and easy to work with. He offered many direction and inspiration throughout the shoot.

Elisa Falvo
October, 2022