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San Sebastian, Spain

About me

Taha Hussein Sayeh known more as Taha Jawashi, was born in Tajoura (Libya) in 1980.
Graduated in French language form Tripoli’s University and has a Master degree in Tourism.
Taha used to work as a tourist guide from 2003 until the Libyan uprising in 2011, He started photography as a hobby in 2009, and became a full-time freelance photographer in late 2011.
Taha’s work used to be focused at people and portrait photography, but in the last 2 years Taha worked exclusively on immigration issue in Libya.
Started working as a freelance contributor with AFP in 2016, but also worked with many other news paper, magazine and international organisation like L’express, The Times, IOM, Amnesty international and many more..!
Taha’s photography work was published in most of the major international media like The New York Times, The Washington post, The Times, The Guardian and many more..